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About the Artist

Residing in Chicago with his wife and two children, Johnny Decker Miller is a writer, illustrator, and painter who draws inspiration for his work from folklore, comparative religion, magic and witchcraft; subjects which have fascinated him since childhood. He has written for premier occult publications such as the peer-reviewed journal WYRD from Three Hands Press and the anthology PILLARS: The Scalding of Sapientia from Anathema Publishing. As a visual artist, his work has appeared in CLAVIS Journal and the recent book WITCH-IKON: Witchcraft in Art and Artifact; he has exhibited widely, creating public artworks for major events like the music festival Lollapalooza and contributing to the set design of television shows such as The Exorcist.

Please contact him with any questions you may have: [email protected]


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All Images © 2018 Johnny Decker Miller